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The Interactive System Design Consultancy Portfolio Website

THIS is the stall where I show off some of the sites I have made over the years.

The html in these sites continues to be functional and is supported by the latest browsers. (I cannot guarantee that all of the javascripts in some of the sites will be supported by future browsers but the important ones are kept under review.)

The approach to making these sites continues to be informed by the latest developments in code, W3c standards & recommendations, the latest trends in browsers, development tools and user interface design.

The methodology is that of software and multimedia development, these sites are applications and they have been developed to IT specifications based on the preceding.

In this site we experiment with a floating navigation bar as part of our user interface design. You will find that all destinations on this site are no more than one click away.

I hope that you enjoy browsing the portfolio.

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ISDC web project
The Crumb home page..
The crumb GUI..
 See the archived site 


The Crumb

We use this hand coding exercise to make a parody of 'The Drum'...

THIS site is unfinished as I had to set it aside for a more pressing set of commercial assignments. The site architecture and navigation is however fully in place - its just awaiting the addition of a suitable set of graphics to replace the blank images and add to the fun.

This is primarily an example of hand coding for those that want to see that I do include this in my repertoire of professional developer skills.

Hand coding raises a number of issues with respect to DTD's, validity, syntactically correct code and the attributes that are actually supported by browsers to render the sites.

These issues also affect the javascript hand coded into the site and users should ensure that the pages are fully loaded before clicking the interface. The rollovers on the main GUI navigation bar are fully compatible with I.E. 5.5 + and Netscape 6.1 (on a PC) but have shown some idiosyncrasies in Netscape 4.7 on a PC and I.E. 5 on a Powermac.

If you are interested in these issues as they affect this example please take a look at the readme file for this site below.

The pigeon theme was inspired by LC who was incredibly supportive throughout my web assignments during this time and is a friend to anything that crawls, slithers, hops or flutters. Thanks Lou! x

 ..see the archived site   
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ISDC web project
Search Engine Interface Prototype GUI
  See the archived site 


Search Engine Interface Prototype

We make an interface for a proposed citation database that never was..

THE design rationale is to present otherwise complex consolidated search parameters, in a bit by bit presentation style with search tips.

One combination of field parameters is therefore presented for each type of search thereby preventing information overload, confusion and facilitating learning effect in the use of the search engines, instances of search, Boolean searches and this interface.

The interface is extensively documented, we provide extracts of the documentation i.e., the project standard checklist and the contents list of the accompanying and complementary documentation below.

The primary objective of research, review and explicit iteration is to engage in the 'engineering process' and to arrive at a robust, functional, user-friendly outcome.

The site was constructed using early versions of Dreamweaver and Fireworks.

 ..see the archived site   
 Project standard checklist project.PDF 25k  |  
 Project contents list document.PDF 11k  |  Readme file   
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ISDC web project
Glen & Mountain Guides Prototype home page
  See the archived site 


Glen & Mountain Guides Prototype

'Hello world,' the webmasters very first website...

THIS was primarily a web marketing communications project and slightly ahead of its time for the UK in 1998.

The rationale behind the accompanying marketing consultancy report stressed the importance of 'integrated communications activities.'

The overall success of the marketing communications plan will be made up of the sum of its parts and NOT be attributable to any single element; this especially applies to the use of a website in the communications mix.

This site demonstrates the organisation of relevant marketing information for users in an information hierarchy that can be accessed and navigated via hypertext on the WWW.

It was not a primary purpose of this example to work to any particular IT specification or dtd for html.

For those interested in this aspect of the work, the site demonstrates what it was possible to achieve with a limited understanding of html, the availability of an early version of Netscape Composer, some hand coding and a background in marketing - over 6 weeks. The approach to the interface was based on personal study.

The site was made with a basic set of facilities, such as an early Power Mac, a scanner, a 133mhz PC with limited RAM, Windows 95, Photoshop 3 and an evaluation copy of Lview pro!

Images were either found or acquired digitally and edited using the limited tools above.

The website copy and project document were wholly the work of the developer. The project contents list is reproduced below to indicate the overall approach adopted to the work. We also originated an aide-memoire for the effective use of the Internet in the marketing communications mix, available below.

The site is no longer maintained and many of the links it features may have changed or been killed since it was made..

 See the archived site   
 Project document contents list mmt2.PDF 7k   
 Web marketing aide memoire AideMemo.PDF 8k  |  Readme file   
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