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Dysfunction Rock & Nu Metal Club

A local Edinburgh music club website project

THIS site was part of a marketing plan for the Dysfunction club which had the full support of the Nightnews publicity 'machine' from about September 2000 to July 2001.

The publicity plan included media listings, full colour flyers as well as distribution, a poster campaign, internet marketing including a newsgroup and this website.

The club has had its ups and downs under various promoters, backers and DJ's over the years. It was revived for a while in 2001 by the activities above accompanied by a move to a newer, more hospitable venue.

Though the club has attempted more than one come back since summer 2001 - it has never really recovered from the loss of its best venue. It's short lived success did however lead to that venue opting to cater to the alternative music scene when it finally reopened!

The basic site less gallery section was made over the period of a week - the gallery section took another week including digital image acquisition. The gallery scrolling javascripts are not functional in some of the latest browsers but a fallback manual popup gallery is provided for users in case of loss of scrolling functionality. (It is also useful to overcome slow connection speeds.)

Material provided for the site was minimal and the developer had to collect content as well as improvise an approach based on the ephemeral nature of the subject matter to make a witty and compelling site. It was a lot of fun to manufacture, much like the music it celebrates..

The site is no longer maintained and many of the links it features may have changed or been killed since it was made..

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ISDC web project
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Nightnews: Scotland's alternative entertainment's portal

THE Nightnews site is part of a program of publicity and press information for select alternative musical clubs, events and more recently the live music scene in Scotland.

Both Internet as well as 'legacy' media marketing for the site are carried out by the developer who has a formal marketing and media background that predates retraining in IT.

These activities reflect the developers personal music business interests though they can be applied to assist most commercial clients.

The current (Version 3) site is pretty much an Internet niche marketing success with a consistent if modest rate of unique users per day and a better level of links back to the site than some of our commercial clients can claim. The Nightnews 'brand' name also ranks highly with Google.

This can be confirmed at
- results from the statistical counter at the foot of the Nightnews home page are also publicly available.

One of the sites with the longest histories in this portfolio, this site has come in three versions since 1997. The latest version of the site dates from May 2000 when the interface was redesigned and added.

Prior to that, a working prototype (Version 2) of the site was successfully submitted in late 1999 as an applied commercial 'group' project in lieu of an academic one as part of the developers postgraduate IT degree.

The Version 2 & 3 sites and accompanying project document are wholly the work of the developer. The project contents list is reproduced below to indicate the rigorous approach adopted to the work.

A screen of the Version 2 interface can be accessed here.

The original project document continues to set a framework for the continued organic growth of the site.

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