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Final Update
- this website is no longer maintained
The club closed and the DJ team disbanded in September 2001. This website then reverted to my portfolio & archive.

Club Dates Alternate Thursdays


Special Notice - Final Location During Attic Refit

*** Club moved to WJ Christie's Basement 27 - 31 West Port, 9 - 1am. Full PA, Dysfunction and guest DJ's. Drinks Promo's 35ml Vodka dash 1.50, Fosters lager 1.80 etc. Reduced entry. [16 August - tbc.] Doors 9pm -1am. Entry 1.00 ***

Last Website Update - 15 July 2001
Index, Links, Other Stuff, Board, Band pages were updated. The Galleries have been added. An on-line games page was coming next. Updates were mostly monthly.

Web Development
The webmaster has archived the site, it can no longer welcome contributions or updates. webmaster

Club Flyers and Distribution
Big thanks to Electra, Maggie and everyone who ever helped out distributing flyers.

[18 Sept 2001]
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Promoter Jane, Lee, Ross with special guests Ewan, Tony, Dunk, Claire, Iqy, Brian, Duncan and others from the local metal and alternative scene. Did you want to be a DJ or have a guest session at Dysfunction Club? If so, its too late to mail Jane

About Dysfunction Club, by Jane

Featuring Nu: Metal, Hardcore, Skatecore, Latest Alternative '96 to present

The club was started in September 1999 running fortnightly at the Venue by John Edwards and Claire Moffat, later myself (Jane) and Ewan, plus other guest Djs.

Mid last year John and Claire decided that the time had come to pull out and Dysfunction was handed to Ewan and I. Okay I was clueless back then on how to run a club and though we managed we thought the club would do better in a different venue.

This was due to a lack of drinks promotions and a daft rent meaning a high entry price for a Thursday. The change of the venue to the Attic in January 2001 enabled us to make drinks and entry cheaper for you all, this helped to make it a more affordable and enjoyable night!.

We have had lots of support in the past from various people who we would like to thank very much. With the recent departure of Ewan - who will be missed at the club - I am currently running the show with my 2 friends Lee and Ross who now DJ and help with the flyering and also with support from John at Nightnews who has donated artwork to the club since Oct 2000, also listings, the scratch site, the deal with the Attic and any other publicity we wanted. (No one could hope for a better web developer than John V as well.)

The club was originally only playing nu-metal but over time we have tried to stay with what the crowd would like to hear by playing other alternative requests. We have taken a note of all of these to ensure that we keep up to date with the latest music in clubbers minds.

We also have regular guest dj's, this is to ensure that there is a variation in the music and we can try and avoid the same songs being played week, after week! Please mail in your track requests and comments to Jane, mail them to: squeeky_jane@........

We would like to thank you for looking at the website JV made to publicise the club online and hope to see you all soon......

Club Promoter
13 April 2001

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