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Dysfunction Club supports the
Scotrock board at Yahoo groups, get info on the club there. The Club supports the EMS board as well, there is some local metal club info in the Nightnews newsletter too.

To Use the Metallers Community and Message Board

To use the board you have to register with Yahoo Groups by using the subscribe box below or sending a blank email to and then following any instructions you receive. You will need to get a yahoo ID to use the system.
To post a message send it to
To contact the List Owners and Moderators send a message to

To read the messages go to
To unsubscribe send a blank message to
If you try and use the Board without having registered first, you will be prompted to register by Yahoo Groups. You can also subscribe by using the Yahoo subscribe box below.
To use the Community see the Yahoo Groups help files

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Metallers Board Features and Functionality

This is a very kewl Board which we hope will be used by everyone eventually. Its got lots of extras as well as a Message Board that anyone can post to. You can also share graphic, sound and any files in the Files area, share in a
Photos, add your links to Bookmarks The Database feature is very handy. Surveys and questionnaires can be set up in Polls. If you join the community you will always know if clubs are on with the automatic reminders from the Calendar.

Some Rulez

Metal Lists are for organisers, friends, customers, bands and anyone interested in the metal or the alternative rock music scene. You can for instance, talk about Dysfunction Club and ANY aspect of the scene there. All messages are attributed to the author and can be traced if abusive.

Club Promoters & clubbers - feel free to mention and discuss Dysfunction there..

If you have never been on a list b4 please take a moment to read about netiquette:

What is Netiquette? Simply stated, it's network etiquette - that is, the etiquette of cyberspace. And "etiquette" means "the forms required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be required in social or official life." In other words, Netiquette is a set of rules for behaving properly online. More here:

There are a range of moderator tools to deal with anyone who disrupts the list i.e., Unsubscribe / moderate / bans. These may be applied on a temporary or permanent basis.

Uneccessary posts to the whole list are a nuisance, please write directly to the individual concerned in the case of off topic matters.

Another bit of netiquette is for everyone NOT to repost original messages you are replying to in full. Please snip out the non-relevant bits.

Finally remember, while 'fair comment,' 'freedom of speech' and 'freedom of expression' are ok, >>> PERSONAL ABUSE NEVER IS!

Avoid being abusive, don't be malicious, don't repeat rumour, hearsay and gossip, do not make threats or statements that can be construed as threatening. Remember that in the UK these can all be construed as HARASSMENT.

Harassment is against the criminal law whether it is on a discussion board or by personal email.

Anyone receiving malicious mail has legitimate grounds to get the originating account closed down and to have the ISP boot the offender from its system.

Subscriptions: If you send an email to a co-moderator asking to be subscribed then your request will be attached to the subscription message if possible.

Club Email List: we may add one later, you can give in your email addy on a club night.

Other Useful hints and Commands:
If you do not like receiving posts/mail from a particular individual then set your filters, preferences or rules to send such mail directly to your mailers trashcan.

If you want to cut down on the amount of mail you get then make sure your subscription is Daily Digest or No Mail / Web Only

To change your subscription to daily digest mode, send a blank message to:

How to use Yahoo eGroups:

Abuse reports:

Other Metal Boards or Key Guest Books

Other Boards can be listed here, if you have a board or guest book on your site let us know and we will add a link to it.

Glasgow Cathouse Lovers
Yahoo! Groups : gm-chat
Yahoo! Groups : Keroscene2
Kerochat K1


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