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Bands - this page is history

We can work jointly with Bands who want to play to promote themselves on a no frills basis, either alone or in conjunction with other promoters and locations that we have links with.

Please post a message to Jane if you are a band that wants to play, or have any questions about this. If the club cannot help you right now, we know lots of people who might be interested.

The Edinburgh Goth & Rock Society at Edinburgh University are running a live Rock night in early November and are looking for Rock bands in the Metal genres (nu:metallers or darker metal rock acts.) Please contact Jane and she will pass your details to the Edg&r committee.

Any live performances at the Attic are on hold whilst refurbishment is in progress.

[Bands were able to be put on between 7.30 and 10.30 pm most nights at the Attic. The services of a sound engineer were needed to do this and conditions applied to the PA.We do not know the precise form of the refurbishment at present, the venue will probably be renamed.]

[Amended 04 July 2001]
The Bands Played, 'believe it if you like!'
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Bands that played at the Dysfunction Charity night for 'Children In Need' on Feb 09

Taste my Silence, Maya 29 and Swellbellys - thanks guys! This night was organised by the club DJ's

Club and Bands raised £123.00 for Children in Need

Dysfunction Live

The bands that Played on Thursdays at the Attic, Oct. 2000 to April 2001

Out By Degrees, Ridgeback, Shindig, Substate, Taste My Silence, Maya29, Unique Freak, Blunht, Fractal Jack, Sona Fariq, Fifth Amendment, Sunna, Immune, Tenner, Rocco, Diaz, [spunge] Telegraph, Turnpike, Nerve, Bubble, Nutrajet, Antiproduct. Substate, Coexist, Shindig, Out by Degrees, Ridgeback.

Dysfunction Live was run by wholly by Upstarts Deke and Michael and they have pulled out of putting on Bands on alternate Thursdays.
Contact them here.
Deke Michael Fairbairn

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