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Music policy

Nu: metal, hardcore, skatecore, latest alternative rock DJ'S Feature:

Hed (pE) Deftones Rob Zombie At the Drive in Slipknot Pitchshifter NIN Rage Tool Papa Roach Linkin Park A Perfect Circle Manson Raging Speedhorn Fear Factory Lit Earthtone 9 Will Haven Ministry My Ruin Orgy Rammstein Creed Feeder Idlewild Front 242 Pulkas Rage Against the machine One Minute Silence Fuel 238 Sick of it All Incubus Type O Negative Teenage Riot Sisters Sepultura Placebo Atari ..........

Requests from the Book 29 Mar

The Dysfunction requests book is recreated with all spelling mistakes, comments and suggestions as they were added on the night - please do not look at it if you have any musical integrity or sensibilities whatsoever hehe


Melvins System of a
Down Tool Downer
Kittie Faith No

Clawfinger OMS
Terrorvision Therapy
Nebula Earth
Crisis Snapcase

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Requests from the Book 12 April

System of a Down - you know you want it
Slipknot - wait and bleed
Korn - make me bad
Incubus - hit dancer, certain shade of green
Fear Factory - dog day sunrise
Papa Roach - last resort

Prodigy Ozzy Wu Tang
Clan Telavision Rammstein
Apoptygma Berzerk
At The Drive In Lost Prophets
Static X System Dope
Front 242 Ministry
Napalm Death

Marilyn Manson ACDC Leatherstrip Motorhead Deftones Iron Maiden
Limp Bizkit Amen
Taproot Faith No More
Orgy One Minute
Silence Give Ewan a
li*k out please...


Requests from the Book 26 April

Sunna - trading
Slipknot - wait and bleed
Taproot - again and again
Red Hot Chili Peppers - fight like a brave
Fear Factory - resurrection
OZZY Osbourne - bark at the moon
SOD - anything
Pantera - cowboys
I bet you don't hav any Zak Wylde ya
bas**ds!!! (only joking) u should have though..
Powerman 5000 - worlds collide
Confusion underground - turn me on mr deadman
Yer Ma, I request that all dysfunction
dj's kiss me where I p**...(rest deleted) ..
thanks Ewan!
Anything by ???, Warrant, Whitesnake or Poisen
real f**ckin metal..
Anything by Union Underground,
Zebrahead, Eve 6, Alien Ant Farm, A New
Found Glory, Me First and the Gimme
Gimmies, Goldfinger?
Anything original.
Primus - tommy the cat please!!!
I request that someone has PAPA R****
taken to the vet and PUT DOWN
I request some P*ssy and a side
order of spam fritters here here ...
also request the above for LINCON
Some F**ckin 'old school' unmannufatured
metal please you fuc*in joyriders with nu
metal sensibilities, who the f**k do you
think you are anyway, Mr f**ckin
I'll take the requests from the poor
uneducated metal listeners...
Ska Ska Ska Ska Ska Ska
i love to dance to Ska

Requests from the Book 10 May

Pantera - fucking hostile
Something - good
Rammstein - sonn du haas
Ramones - iwant to be sedated
Zeke - anything fast
Motorhead - something off orgasmotron,
ridin with the driver
AC/DC - stiff upper lip, thunderstruck
Dwarves - everybody's girl
Motorhead - RAMONES
napalm Death thanks for nothing
[sorry about this we are from belfast!
a wee bit overexcited]
Mighty mighty Bosstones - devils night out
or anything
Dropkick Murphys - barroom hero
Slapstick theres a metalhead in the
parking lot
Voice of Destruction
Vision of Disorder
Pantera - cowboys from hell
Down - losin all
Black Sabbath - fairies wear boots
Deftones - my own summer
A perfect circle - hollow
Slipknot - want and bleed
Sepultura - Chaos AD
Fear Factory -
Breeders - cannonball (I love you)
Cop Shoot Cop - anything
Ministry - stigmata
Slayer - arise
AFI - days of the phoenix
Sick of it all - district
Slayer - reign in blood
Tool - hooker with a penis
Rob Zombie - dracula
Korn - make me bad
Atari Teenage Riot - anything
At the Drive In - napoleon solo
Fugazi - anything

Requests from the Book 07 June

Metallica - fight fire with fire
Napalm Death - first track on 'SCUM'
Motorhead - over kill
Dead Kennedy's - too drunk to f*ck
Cubanate - osota cesty lene
NIN - head like a hole
play lost prophets or die
iwant shinobi vs dragon ninja

Requests from the Book 21 June

Queen - i want to break free
Rob Zombie - dracula
Rammstein - any
Prodigy - voodoo people
RATM - killing is the game
Strapping Young lad - detox, all male, the new flesh
[yeah right like any of you will know who they are...]
Smashin pumpkins - bullet, what butterfly wings
MUSE - newborn
NiN - starfuckers
Abba - money
KMFDM - anything at all
Iron Maiden
Apoptygma Berzerk - welcome to earth
Deftones - 7 words
Alien Ant Farm - smooth criminal
Cold - makes her sick
Snot - stoopid (?)
Hed (pe) - killing time
Terrorvision - oblivion
Kid Rock - Cowboy, anything
M Manson - Beautiful People
Korn - 2nd track off issues
Terrorvision - american tv
Black Sabbath
Incubus - certain shde of green
Machine Head - bllod for blood
NiN - closer
[for hammys birthday]
Metallica - fight fire with fire
Excessive Force - finger on the trigger
Machine Head - davidian
Alien Ant Farm - smooth criminal

Requests from the Book 05 July

The DJ - some proper f***g requests
Toto - africa
Bangles - manic monday
Scritti Politti - anything
Milli Vanilli - anything
Martika - martikas kitchen
Enya - anything
Queen - radio gaga
Stabbing Westward - the thing I hate
Spawn - torn apart
Pitchshifter - genius, please sir
Atari Teenage Riot - kids are united, rage
White Zombie - super charger, heaven
NiN - head like a hole
Marilyn Manson - beautiful ppl, swete dremes

More Requests to follow

Report on the Charity Night

Dysfunction Charity Night [Submitted to the Music and News Media recently]

Edinburgh's young metal music fan community raised a modest but nonetheless worthy 123.00 at the Live Music Dysfunction Charity night recently, for the Children in Need Charity.

Announcement of the funds raised was delayed since the Feb 09 event, due to an unanticipated bill arising from the extra PA required, but this has been resolved successfully. Released 29 Mar 2001 Nightnews

Other Shite?

There is no other shite at the moment, except that the Attic, our venue is being refurbished and that this might take another approx 5 more weeks (now from 09 June) - so it may be finished by mid August.

11 07 2001


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